Achieve Optimum Posture
with Debbie Romero

Functional Movement Specialist using the Alexander Technique

How we use ourselves in our daily activities can affect our bodies in a positive or negative way (pain, tension, stress). It is in movement where we need to re-educate people on how to use themselves well to remain pain-free and fit. I am passionate about teaching others how to move with ease.

You can learn simple skills to overcome physical pain and discomfort, relief from stress and muscular tension.

I teach Alexander Techniques to individuals, businesses and athletes, specializing in Equestrians. These techniques can help with:

  • paperwork ergonomics
  • anatomical imbalances
  • anxiety performance at work
  • and so much more

The only way to truly heal is through movement!

No matter what the activity is, using the Alexander Technique will enhance your performance.

Optimal Posture

My Passion


Specializing in functional movement potential using the Alexander Technique

Transform Your Posture


Instead of taking time off when you are sick or in pain, take time to be well and pain free!

Equestrian Posture Training

The place where horse and rider go for re-education in anatomical balance and bio-mechanical wellness

Mobile Services


Through out Central Virginia, I can travel to your location.


With over 20 years of experience in alternative health and movement practices, I have a Certification in Orthopedic Massage, AAS Degree in Veterinary Technology, and I am a Certified Alexander Technique practitioner.