Physical therapy, yoga, massage, and exercise all have their place as practices to maintain wellbeing.

But sometimes we need more than that, especially if mobility issues or aches and pains keep coming back.

The Alexander Technique

  • Teaches a subtle level of physical awareness and habits of posture and movement that support all other disciplines 
  • Does not require expensive equipment 
  • Can be practiced by yourself, once learned 
  • Is easily incorporated throughout your day 

You could say the guiding principle of Alexander Technique is “first, do no harm” at a personal level. We only get one body in this life — and it’s up to us to use it in a way that supports flexibility and strength. We can slowly harm ourselves over time, sometimes without realizing. But it’s not too late to learn to move sustainably and feel better. 

What is different about Optimal Posture?

Alexander Technique is a revelation in ease of movement. Debbie integrates her background in orthopedic massage, riding, and injury rehabilitation to add more insight and depth in isolating and understanding movement issues. 

With hands-on instruction and instant feedback, you learn fundamental skills of balance, relaxation, and non-harmful movement. 

With these skills, you are much more likely to succeed in any physical activity—from just getting through the workday, to excelling at sports, to preventing or recovering from injury.

Your body is your best friend in life, and your mind, awareness, and habits are your body’s best friend. Give your body the gift of healthy movement.

About Debbie

Over 20 years of experience in functional movement therapies. 

Debbie began her career with a National Certification in Therapeutic Massage. In 2005, Debbie added Certification in Orthopedic Massage and maintained a full-time private practice specializing in injury and surgical rehabilitation of connective tissue (soft tissue, muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia). 

From 2010-2012 Debbie became the lead instructor at the Virginia School of Massage, sharing her extensive knowledge of human anatomy and movement.

Aware that her massage clients’ habitual movements were causing their returning pain, Debbie pursued Alexander Technique training in Charlottesville, becoming a certified practitioner in 2014. She now works with clients to teach them how to move more effectively and maintain pain-free living. Debbie is also an avid horsewoman with an AAS degree in Veterinary Technology.

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