Find harmony in movement with your horse

You know that the way you use your body affects your horse. Balance and bio-mechanical wellness are a mutual process! 

You can learn to read and respond better to your horse, and to communicate better through your movements.

Past injuries and old patterns can hold back your effectiveness as a team.

Everything about the way you hold and move your body, and especially your spine, affects your relationship with your horse. But it can be hard to change old habits on your own. 

Optimal Posture offers functional movement training with a focus on horses and riders. You can learn to understand and improve you and your horse’s balance, working together as a true team.

Learn pain-free conscious riding without tension, and with more ease.

Understanding balance and the subtle communication of posture and movement allows you to ride pain-free and more confidently. 

This allows you and your horse to better reach your full potential, bring new life to your riding experience, and potentially extend your riding career.

You can feel better, and function better, in as few as 2-6 sessions!

Book a free 15 minute consultation to learn how I can help you.

About Debbie

My client work is built on over 15 years of experience in functional movement therapies, including orthopedic massage and soft tissue injury rehabilitation. I have 50 years of riding and showing experience, hold a degree as a veterinarian technician, and spent 8 years working in a 4-man equine practice. 

My trainer in my equine Optimal Posture practice is Kirsten Nelsen of Wexford Training. For more information about Kirsten, visit