Learn To Use Your Body to Connect With Your Horse

Manage Horse Movement Tension Free with Ease
Achieve Pain-Free Conscious Riding
Find Anatomical Balance of Horse and Rider

How You Use Your Body Affects Your Horse

The use of your spine affects horse movement. Balance and use of subtle aids without tension allow you to ride pain free with OPTIMAL BALANCE.

Balance and use of aids without tension

I have been an equestrian for over 50 years, riding and showing H/J, event dressage. I am a "B" rated pony clubber and hold a degree as a veterinary technician. I spent 8 years working in a 4-man equine practice.

I also have over 15 years of experience in human functional movement therapies.

I am a certified orthopedic massage therapist and maintain a full-time private practice in injury rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries. Seeing a need to help people recover and move passed their injuries. I became a functional movement specialist using the Alexander Technique and apply the AT to riding to achieve optimal harmony of horses and riders.

Kirsten Nelsen is my trainer. For information on horse training for optimal balance please visit her website: https://www.kirstennelsen.com

Benefits to Achieving OPTIMAL BALANCE for Horse and Rider

  • Discovering and understanding how the use of your body affects your horse, increases your capability to overcome and move past injuries and patterns that are hindering success with your equine partner.
  • Learning to use your body to create a tension-free environment - and discovering how tension affects your horse - will increase the effectiveness of you to use your body as a subtle aid that increases performance for both horse and rider.
  • Managing your horse's balance with ease allows your equine partner to reach their full potential.
  • Achieving and riding pain-free with OPTIMAL BALANCE allows you to reach your full potential, positively affects your riding experience and potentially extends the life of your riding career.

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